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Sommaires des Revues - Medscape

Medscape Headlines

Latest medical news, articles, and features from Medscape

SGLT2 Inhibitor-Linked Diabetic Ketoacidosis Is Rare, but Severe  Voir?

A series of Australian cases of DKA linked to SGLT2 inhibitors confirms the side effect is rare but severe. Most cases had identifiable precipitators.
Medscape Medical News
(21/02/2018 : 15:38)

Heart Defibrillators in CKD: More Harm Than Good?  Voir?

Dr Bansal comments on her study on heart defibrillators in patients with kidney disease and the greater risk for hospitalization for heart failure.
Medscape Nephrology
(21/02/2018 : 15:18)

Little Evidence for Government-Mandated Sepsis Measure  Voir?

To meet the government-mandated bar of SEP-1, physicians have to perform up to 141 tasks and 5 interventions for a single patient. A study finds the evidence used to impose such a burden lacks rigor.
Medscape Medical News
(21/02/2018 : 14:58)

'Unrealistic Expectations' for Cancer Survivorship Care Plans  Voir?

In the current literature, there is limited evidence of benefit from survivorship care plans. Researchers are calling for a shift in the focus of current research.
Medscape Medical News
(21/02/2018 : 12:02)

Pediatric Acute Asthma Exacerbation Severity Assessment Tool  Voir?

An evidence-based asthma assessment tool provides guidance for the assessment and treatment of acute asthma exacerbation in the pediatric primary care setting.
Journal of Pediatric Health Care
(21/02/2018 : 18:00)

Perspectives About Antipsychotics for Symptoms of Dementia  Voir?

Why do primary care physicians continue to prescribe antipsychotics and benzodiazepines to treat dementia in seniors, despite evidence of only modest benefit and proven severe risk?
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine
(21/02/2018 : 18:00)

Hepatitis C Virus Clearance in Older Adults  Voir?

Does HCV clearance with direct-acting antiviral therapy improve outcomes in individuals aged 80 and older--even in the face of severe liver disease and multiple comorbidities?
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
(21/02/2018 : 18:00)

Light Therapies for Acne  Voir?

How effective are light-based interventions for acne vulgaris?
The British Journal of Dermatology
(21/02/2018 : 18:00)

Treatment Change Effects on Asthma Phenotype and Neutrophils  Voir?

A better understanding of how treatment changes affect asthma inflammatory phenotypes and airway neutrophils may help guide asthma treatment strategies.
BMC Pulmonary Medicine
(21/02/2018 : 18:00)

Brand Preference and Pro-Tobacco Advertising Among Students  Voir?

This report reveals how exposure to pro-tobacco advertising may influence the use of tobacco products among youth.
Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report
(21/02/2018 : 18:00)

Heavy Drinking 'Strongest' Modifiable Risk Factor for Dementia  Voir?

A new study suggests that alcohol use disorders are linked to a threefold increased risk for dementia and could contribute to half the cases of early-onset dementia.
Medscape Medical News
(21/02/2018 : 02:35)

USPSTF Posts Draft Recs for Treatment of Adults With Obesity  Voir?

Adults with obesity should be referred to multicomponent behavioral interventions for weight loss, although evidence reveals modest effects, the task for said.
Medscape Medical News
(20/02/2018 : 22:57)

Experimental Biologic Surpasses Ustekinumab for Psoriasis  Voir?

A biologic under investigation for severe psoriasis has topped one of the most effective therapies on the market in head-to-head phase 3 trials.
Medscape Medical News
(20/02/2018 : 22:54)

Pimavanserin May Hold Promise for Alzheimer's Psychosis  Voir?

Pimavanserin reduced psychosis at 6 weeks in patients with Alzheimer's disease compared with placebo. But at least one expert says the findings may simply be due to chance.
Medscape Medical News
(20/02/2018 : 21:47)

Oncologist Critical in Motivating Cancer Survivors to Exercise  Voir?

Oncologists need to play a larger role in discussing exercise with cancer survivors, and home-based exercise interventions offer advantages, say Australian researchers.
Medscape Medical News
(20/02/2018 : 21:05)

FDA OKs Extended-Release Amantadine (Osmolex ER) for Parkinson's  Voir?

Osmolex ER tablets, taken once daily in the morning, are a proprietary formulation containing immediate- and extended-release amantadine.
FDA Approvals
(20/02/2018 : 20:43)

Billing Costs Consume 14.5% of Primary Care Visit Revenue  Voir?

A time-based study in a large academic center with a certified EHR shows that for each PCP, it takes $99,000 in administrative work per year just to get paid. For emergency department visits, billing was 25.2% of revenue.
Medscape Medical News
(20/02/2018 : 19:43)

Dementia Drug for Alcohol-Related Brain Damage?  Voir?

Heavy alcohol use in teens leads to long-lasting structural and genetic changes in the brain that may be reversed with a short course of donepezil, early research suggests.
Medscape Medical News
(20/02/2018 : 19:34)

Digitizing the Mind to Understand Mental Health  Voir?

New tools may make the diagnostic process less subjective in mental illness, paving the way for better therapeutics.
(20/02/2018 : 18:06)

First Documented Case of Transgender Woman Breastfeeding  Voir?

A transgender woman has fed her infant solely with breast milk for the first 6 weeks, after treatment with domperidone, estradiol, progesterone, and breast pumping.
Medscape Medical News
(20/02/2018 : 17:15)

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